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Middle Class Questions

weekly economic news roundup and millennials' households
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  1. Kern says:

    The Cornell group’s research is about something completely different than what the economist studied. The economist study looked at an individual’s income alone. The Cornell study looked at the total income of a house hold no matter how many people contributed to it. See the funny math coming to light? You are saying that each person who earns an income will be counted as one because they share the same address. So if you have 10 people sharing a house because they can’t afford to live alone, they are treated as one earner because they share the same address. This is a nice way to hide the real statistic which is each and every person is NOT earning a middle class living. Using a house hold that contains many earners as a unit of measure that is equal to a hold that contains one earner is silly. I guess funny math is the only way Republicans can justify the results of trickle down economics.

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